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Let us know your vehicle needs during your evaluation appointment and choose from express or basic services up to premium cleaning inside and out. Our team provides a premium fit and finish to protect your vehicle's interior fabrics and exterior paint with a perfect shine.

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Basic Interior Detail

Feel fresh and clean inside your car! Our Basic Interior Detail includes a meticulous cleaning of all interior surfaces and windows, carpet and upholstery shampoo, leather cleaning and conditioning, vinyl and plastic dressing and tire dressing.

Starting at $175 | 3 hours | drop off

Basic Exterior Detail

Have your car looking like you just drove it off the lot. The Basic Exterior Detail includes an exterior wash , interior vacuum, interior and exterior glass cleaning, rubber and plastic trim restoration and a 3 step exterior clean, polish and an orbital machine application of professional wax to remove minor scratches, swirl marks and light oxidation along with wheel cleaning and tire dressing.

Starting at $ 175 | 4 hours | drop off

Standard Full Detail

Take your clean to the next level with the Standard Full Detail. This detail includes all services in the Basic Interior and Basic Exterior Detail plus a 4-step paint process – exterior clean, clay bar to remove surface containment, a high speed machine application of compound to remove heavy oxidation and last is an application of synthetic wax with a high-speed orbital buffer to provide long-lasting shine and protection.

Starting at $400 | 6 hours | drop off

Premium Full Detail

Experience the Premium Full Detail experience. Including all interior and exterior services in the Standard Full Detail Package plus hand-applied Ceramic Diamond Shield. Ceramic Diamond Shield is a topcoat that bonds to the vehicles surface to protect a vehicles finish against UV and Chemical Damages. This provides a longer-lasting “mirror finish” and paint protection than a traditional wax or sealant can provide.

$900 | 8 hours | drop off

Ceramic Diamond Shield

Protect and preserve your paints finish with Ceramic Diamond Shield. This ceramic paint coating reacts with your vehicle’s clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection. The Ceramic Diamond Shield is extremely weather resistant, provides UV protection, wear and acid rain resistance and protects against acid rain, bird droppings, insects, hard water spots, UV sun damage, fading, chalking and loss of gloss. Ceramic coatings also provide painted and other surfaces with hydrophobic properties to aid in vehicle maintenance.

Only available as a part of an Exterior Detail Package


Add a la carte services to your detailing package or car wash to focus in on specific areas that need TLC. Easily add these services onto a detailing package, or when you stop by the Princeton location.

Windshield Rain Repellant

Increase nighttime and bad weather visibility for safer driving with a water repellent windshield treatment that increases visibility in heavy rain by 35%.

$25 | 10 minutes

Carpet & Mat Cleaning

Freshen up your interior with a vacuum and mat shampoo to get out tough stains and your car looking neat and clean

$70 | 20 minutes

Wax & Shine

Help keep your car looking new and maintain it’s value with regular cleaning and waxing. Wax is hand applied and buffed with an orbital polisher to a glass finish to make your vehicle sparkle and shine

$70 | 20 minutes

Headlight Restoration

It restores cloudy, yellowing headlights to improve visibility and make them sparkle.

$80 | 30 minutes

Upholstery Cleaning

Take your clean even deeper with a complete upholstery cleaning. All interior seats, carpet and floor mats receive a full vacuum and shampoo to remove tough stains and get back that new car feeling.

$120 | 35 minutes

Odor Treatment

Get that new car smell again! The Odor Treatment removes hard to destroy odors and odor causing bacteria and permeates upholstery and vents with a safe and effective vapor to eliminate the worst of odors for good.

$85 | 2 hours



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Reservations are available 7 days a week at the Princeton, NJ location.


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Drop off your vehicle for inspection, and our team will do the rest.


Pick up

Pick up your car a few hours later. Appointment times vary based on your detailing services.


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